Holder Benefits

Revenue Share

$esCRUIZE holders are entitled to a portion of the earnings generated by the protocol. 40% of all the protocol earnings are directed to $esCRUIZE token holders and are distributed on a pro-rata basis. The actual distribution follows an epoch of 90 days which is the same as the vesting duration of $esCRUIZE tokens. Therefore, earnings are given out at the end of every 90-day epoch which is also when the $esCRUIZE allocation of a requested redemption fully vests. The protocol chiefly generates revenue through two sources which can be found here.

Boosted Yields

$esCRUIZE holders automatically get a boost on the yield generated on their deposits in the form of $esCRUIZE tokens. Therefore, as a result of the boost, every depositor's $esCRUIZE balance increases automatically along with the yield generated from the invested vaults. The exact amount that can be boosted depends on what proportion of the value deposited in the vaults is held as $esCRUIZE. More details on how boosting yields works can be found here.

Exclusive Vaults

$esCRUIZE holders get access to Cruize's exclusive vaults once a certain minimum threshold of $esCRUIZE tokens is held in the wallet address accessing the vault. This threshold will be different for different exclusive vaults and it will depend on parameters such as:

  • Strategy return profile

  • Vault deposit limit

  • Supported deposit assets

  • Vault execution parameters


$esCRUIZE holders are also entitled to governance privileges once the move to decentralized governance begins.

Voting Parameters

  • Whitelisting assets. Setting qualitative and quantitative parameters for auditing and whitelisting assets for vaults

  • Custom vault parameters. Provide research-driven proposals to set optimal vault parameters that benefit investors depositing in the vaults

  • Compensation. DAO contributor compensation parameters, payout currencies, treasury diversification management

  • Markets integrations. Auditing and choosing the protocols to integrate with and creating vaults for treasuries of other protocols

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