Vault Architecture

Explains the overview of each vault in Cruize.

Cruize Vaults execute weekly structured product strategies. Cruize has partnered up with a number of reputable market makers that trade exotics on-chain to provide deep liquidity, competitive pricing and seamless execution

Cruize Vault Architecture

  1. Users can deposit assets into a vault anytime.

  2. Once a deposit is made, the vault contract updates/creates the deposit receipts internally stored for that user to keep up to date with all data.

  3. On Monday at 08:00 am UTC, the vault closes the current week's round, and all of the yield generated will be deposited back into the multi-sig contract. At 09:00 am UTC the same day, the vault will start the next round with the same options strategy.

  4. This 1-hour buffer, the time between the end of the current round and the start of the next round, will fulfill all the standard withdrawal requests that the users initiated in the previous round.

  5. Just before the start of a new round, all receipts are updated in the contract.

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