User Flow

  1. User deposits into one of Cruize's Vault.

  2. Assets are transferred to a multi-sig gnosis safe and a base yield is generated by lending out assets to a market marker on-chain that uses it as a liquidity buffer or adds to a concentrated liquidity pool on-chain.**

  3. If the deposit is made in the middle of the week, the user has the option to withdraw their assets instantly. Otherwise, the user can initiate a standard withdrawal and then come back to the protocol anytime after the end of the weekly vault period and finish the withdrawal.

  4. A portion of the base APY is used to buy exotic options from market makers. The capital is never used to collateralize the assets so the capital is not at risk here.

  5. At the end of the weekly vault strategy, the yield generated is added back to the multi-sig gnosis safe and the position is rolled over to initiate the following week's strategy.

  6. After the end of an epoch, users who submitted a request to withdraw their assets, can come to the protocol to finish the withdrawal anytime.

** These do not apply to co-branded vaults or yield booster vaults as the fee required to buy exotic options is generated by the partnered protocol.

Very soon, even the WETH, ETH, USDC, WBTC vaults will generate a defi-native base yield of upto 4%. Part of these fees will be used to pay for the exotic options.

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