Cruize v2

Ecosystem Distribution

Distribution to Protection Takers

As a reward for participating in the ecosystem and contributing to the protocol's liquidity, protection takers will receive CRUIZE tokens.

Distribution to Stakers

A portion of the minted CRUIZE is allocated for stakers vote-escrowing their CRUIZE tokens and liquidity providers staking their LP tokens that stabilize open market liquidity. The minting schedule of CRUIZE follows epochs of 8 hours such that the emission rate for stakers is configured dynamically to incentivize the desired staking behavior based on the liquidity of the pool.
The minted CRUIZE allocation for stakers is distributed as follows:
  • 65% rewarded to veCRUIZE
  • 35% rewarded to LP stakers

Distribution to the Treasury

To support ecosystem growth, a portion of the minted CRUIZE is allocated to the DAO treasury, where its detailed use is decided by the governance committee. Some avenues for using treasury funds would be integrations, marketing expenses, liquidity incentives, contributor compensation, etc.